LV – Background Information / Documents

Leadership and Vision – Background Information / Documents

How do school and district leaders communicate with parents/community members (e.g. through regular email updates, newsletters, meetings, etc.)?

  • Various communication avenues are readily available. We use the East Otero School District’s social media accounts to share and celebrate information – there are multiple sports and clubs that have their own accounts as well. The use of the Infinite Campus Syner System is used for texts, phone calls, and emails. Teachers use Google Suite to communicate with students and parents. There is a weekly principal newsletter to staff communicating the week and month ahead events. Morning announcements are verbal over the intercom as well as sent in email to all staff and students – these announcements are also posted on our building website. Tiger PRIDE Celebrations are shared in the same way – sharing out the greatness of our staff and students.
  • Communication with Parents & Community

If the district uses an assessment and data management/reporting system identify the tool(s) and describe how teachers are expected to use it. (repeated in Curriculum and Instruction).

  • Our Jr/Sr High School uses Infinite Campus (IC) for gradebook purposes, entering at least one grade per week. IC is used for communicating through email, texts, phone calls, and attendance with automated phone calls home for unexcused absences. Assessment Data

Describe how district strategic priorities are developed/revised, implemented and monitored/evaluated. Include information about who was/is involved.

  • Strategic priorities were developed through collaboration over time with the building administration, accountability teams and SCAP surveys.We have only had the priorities a couple of years and we are due to begin the revision process at the conclusion of the 22-23 school year. The administrative council, building and district accountability committees and survey feedback will help guide the process.
  • Strategic Priorities Development

How are the district vision, mission and strategic priorities part of leadership/staff decision and policy-making?

  • Board Policies and Documents related to strategic planning, vision and mission.

How are the district vision, mission and strategic priorities part of Board-level decision and policy-making?

  • The board is kept aware of the development and there are periodic work sessions to keep them updated. This is still in the development phase as the board is not very hands on in the process.

What has been the turnover of educational staff? Has teacher turnover had any notable impact? What insights have been gained about reasons for turnover from school leaders and/or HR conducting exit interviews of educational staff leaving?

  • High Turnover. Retirements, familial reasons. Difficulty in finding qualified teachers. District does not conduct exit interviews. There were three retirements last year and one retired teacher that came back to teach for one year, so that is four total retired teachers. We have an exchange married couple from the Philippines who teach math for us, one of them had their work visa run out and was not given an extension. So, we lost one math teacher as well. Our music teacher, special education, and two counselors wanted something new in a different area. That is a total of nine teachers who left the Jr/Sr High building last year and we did hire seven of those positions. With these retirements, we had some shifting within the district to fill certain positions. We have three alternative teacher candidates along with one paraprofessional stepping into a classroom.
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