PL – Background Information / Documents

Professional Learning – Background Information / Documents

Provide an overview of the districts’ educator evaluation system

  • RANDA – Colorado State Model Performance Management System is used to create and maintain an online performance management system to support Colorado school districts and BOCES in the implementation of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System.
  • Overview Of The Districts’ Educator Evaluation System

If the district uses a Teacher Learning Community or Professional Learning Community approach, briefly describe it (e.g. schedule, meeting agenda, expectations for data use, etc.).

What professional learning opportunities are available during the current school year? Include professional learning required by the K-3 READ Act.

Describe how professional learning opportunities align with district strategic priorities.

How are professional learning needs assessed for the district/schools within the district?

  • As a district, each building advocated for NWEA – a research-based assessment system K-11 to measure growth and proficiency as well as provide insights in tailoring instruction aligned to our pacing charts. IXL is a sister company aligned with NWEA, using RIT scores for individual plans. We have four different PD days set using our own data by building to guide our efforts with both NWEA and IXL. All district staff had to complete the Mandatory Reporting, Bullying, and Title IX online training through Vector Solutions.
  • PL needs assessed for District/Schools

How are funds allocated for professional learning? What other resources, (e.g., space, time, staffing for coaching) are allocated to professional learning?

How do staff have input or voice in determining professional learning opportunities?

How is professional learning evaluated?

  • Feedback surveys are conducted after most professional development activities. When attending any Santa Fe Trail BOCES professional learning, there is an exit feedback survey that must be completed before participants receive their hours of completion certificate. IXL has been a great resource for our teachers – students mastering standards on grade level. Our book studies are reflective of…documenting our thoughts as we read/share and implement different techniques from the book: what worked well, what needs improvements, what was a flop, what do you want to learn more about? Teach Like a Champion Book Study Roadmap to Responsibility Book Study. “Owning It” by Alex Kajitani and “The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Leader” by Harry Wong The book study note catchers are shared with teachers so that they can document and reflect on their learning along the way as well as read/communicate with other teachers.
  • Roadmap to Responsibility Teach Like a Champion